About Betterlark

Gugut Salgado fell in love with music when he was 7.  He started playing drums when he was 10.  He formed bands with good friends.  He played drums and wrote some songs.  The last band he was in got lucky, signed a record deal and made a record.  He went on tour and played his drums.  He had lots of fun.

And then Gugut stopped playing drums.  He stopped writing songs.  He slumped his shoulders and "got a real job".

One day, Betterlark, son of Motherlark, flapped his wings and flew south to San Clemente, California.  He found Gugut and took rest on his shoulder.  He whispered in Gugut's ear..."Good Music.  Good People.  It's all you need."  Gugut straightened his back, looked up and started making music again.  He made lots of music.  Betterlark listened to his music and said..."You need Good People to make Good Music."

Betterlark is Gugut's collaborative music project.